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Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom redesign is a major endeavor, but the payback may be enormous. Whether you’re eager to rebuild and seeking the right excuse, or you have a sneaky sense it’s time to make changes, these reasons to invest in a bathroom makeover will provide you with the rationale you need to take the leap.

Boosts Value

Tastefully done improvements often boost a home’s value and make it more marketable once on the market. As per the National Association of the Renovation Sector, a great bathroom makeover will repay half of your investment. People desire good restrooms, and they may be turned off by an antiquated or ineffective restroom. With the best remodeling contractors Santa Rosa CA, you can achieve your best home.


You purchased the house when it was just the two of you, and now you have a preschooler and a new baby. Your little bathroom is already too small to bathe one kid, so adding another will make things considerably more difficult. Or you’ve finished raising your children, are ready to retire, and want to age in place. Or maybe you’re taking in a roommate to help pay the mortgage and need more solitude. Whatever the life change, if your bathroom isn’t cutting it, it’s a good indicator it’s time to invest in a bathroom redesign.


A bathroom makeover is an excellent moment to consider the space’s safety. If you want to age in place or may one day wish to sell your house, accessible bathrooms are a wise investment. You may add a zero-threshold shower in a bathroom makeover to make getting in and out of the shower easier. Consider non-slip tiling, handrails, a shower bench, and other options.

Repair Damage

Water damage caused by a leak Mold growth caused by uncirculated air. An inquisitive butterknife-wielding child caused paint damage. Cracked tile from when your adolescent thought lifting weights in the bathroom was a good idea. Whatever the cause, if you have damage in your bathroom, consult our remodeling services Santa Rosa before it worsens.


If your bathroom is outdated, it is most certainly not using energy efficiently. Too much wasted water, insufficient lighting, and other factors make the area not only less comfortable to be in but also a significant financial drain. This is an excellent time to consider energy-efficient toilets, showers, and other fixtures. Furthermore, if your bathroom is old enough that it lacks enough air circulation, mildew and mold may be present.


You know, time simply passes. And fashion trends shift. And if bathrooms do not evolve with the times, you will eventually find yourself waking up one day and declaring that the bathroom no longer looks presentable. It occurs to everyone, and now is as good a time as any to invest in a bathroom redesign. You have earned the right to adore your surroundings.

Choosing The Right Toilet

You would believe that a bathroom toilet is a rather ordinary item that doesn’t take much consideration. Surprisingly, there are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to selecting a toilet for your bathroom. To protect you from going insane, we’ll lay down the items you should consider when it comes time to pick a toilet.


First and foremost, you must understand the dimensions of your present rough-in. This is the measurement from your bathroom wall to the center of your toilet’s flange bolts. Rough-ins are typically 12 inches wide, although 10- and 14-inch variants are available. It’s usually simpler to choose a toilet with the same rough-in that you currently have.


For the majority of individuals, the extended toilet bowl is the most comfortable form. If you have a tiny bathroom or a restricted budget, you may want to go with a circular toilet bowl. Round toilet bowls save roughly 3 inches of space and cost less than elongated bowls. In a tiny bathroom, this may affect whether or not you can completely open doors and drawers.

The usual toilet height is 15 inches. Higher persons, on the other hand, may find taller toilets more comfortable. 17- or 19-inch toilets are easier on the backs and knees, and they are also a better alternative for persons with mobility concerns. The problem is that they are more challenging for kids and short people to utilize.


Again, the traditional two-piece toilet with a tank that mounts on top of the bowl is not your only stylistic choice. You may also choose a one-piece toilet, which is more stylish and simpler to clean. Or maybe a toilet that is installed on the wall. It is much simpler to clean, plus it adds drama to the bathroom. However, they are more expensive than other models.


Take a cue from the Europeans and install a bidet instead of a normal toilet. These genuinely assist with resale value and are beneficial to persons with mobility challenges. Standard toilets may often be outfitted with a bidet option.


If you’re in the market for a new toilet, now is an excellent opportunity to lessen your carbon footprint by choosing a toilet that consumes less water. Low-flush toilets have come a long way in the last several decades. These toilets perform what they’re supposed to do, but they consume less water. They employ a power-assisted flush or gravity. It is worthwhile to investigate this possibility. Before you purchase, compare independent test results of the toilet’s flushing ability to other models.


Toilets have not been overlooked by smart technology. You may improve and customize your toilet in a variety of creative ways. Just keep in mind that greater features are more costly to repair if they break.

Kitchen Island Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen islands make life simpler and happier by giving space to prep, relax, and congregate. But don’t simply go for the first kitchen island that looks decent. Consider how you use your kitchen, what you wish you could accomplish in your kitchen, and what would make your kitchen seem full and cohesive. Use these ideas to get you started.


Your kitchen counter does not have to fit in with the rest of the cabinets in your kitchen. In fact, choosing a distinct hue may give a lively personality to the area. Select a traditional cabinet color that complements the rest of your kitchen, such as white, gray, or black — or be a little bold and choose a color that jumps.


Allow yourself to be inspired by your favorite furniture types and integrate their forms, features, and flourishes into your kitchen island. As a result, it improves the appearance of your kitchen.


Include shelves on the ends of your island for convenient storage that also serves as adornment. Keep your colorful cookbooks there so they’re handy to reach when you’re cooking, and let them contribute visual appeal while not in use. Alternatively, preserve exquisite dishes that will be shown for a long time. Alternatively, leave your daily dishes out on the shelf, so they’re simple to reach throughout the day.

Island Sink

When you put a sink in your kitchen island, you’re adding a whole new prep station to your kitchen. Set dirty dishes in one sink while you prepare supper in another. Getting supper on the table — or an entire party set up for your guests — will no longer be an issue.


Make sure it’s big enough for your family. Consider positioning your table adjacent to the island if you need extra seats or if you want the seating to be slightly distanced from the island. Alternatively, construct a lower bar-style table onto the island. This makes it simple to move food from the pan to the plate, and it puts everything — and everyone — in one location without the need to immediately clean up meal prep.


A kitchen island provides a lot of square footage that may and should be allocated to storage. Consider how you utilize your kitchen. Consider placing a microwave down below so that your child can simply prepare their morning porridge. Include a closed cabinet where homework materials may be kept out of sight. Install deep drawers for pots and pans storage, or incorporate a cabinet for storing your particular dishes.


There are several renovation options available for your property. Nothing makes us happier than converting your home ideas and desires to become a reality at Kitchen Remodel Santa Rosa. Allow us to guide you in developing the kitchen of your dreams.

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